Bang Yongguk Releases New EP ‘3’ Ahead of US Tour

“I would like to first say thank you to all my fans who gave me a lot of inspiration when I started working on the new album after concluding the world tour. I worked on this album with great joy, and I hope you’re able to resonate with that emotion while listening to this album. Please continue sending your support and love, thank you.” 

– Bang Yongguk 

Bang Yongguk is back with his third EP, 3. This comes ten months since the release of his second mini-album, THE COLORS OF LOVE. Yongguk has been preparing 3 for a long time, releasing it as a special present to fans on his birthday. He chose to experiment with new genres that he had never tried before.

“The biggest goal of going on a tour is sharing my music, indeed, but I also feel like I embark on the tour every year for new challenges. I learned and felt so many things by meeting my fans during my last tour, and I look forward to learning even more new things during this tour as well. Thank you.” 

– Bang Yongguk

3 has six new songs, including two title tracks: MOVIMENTO and BAD (feat. YOUHA). The other songs are IXLU, NUMB, BUSS IT DOWN, and IXLU (Clean ver.). Bang Yongguk is credited with lyric writing, composing, and arranging each of the tracks on the album. This release comes ahead of Yongguk’s 2024 US Tour III, which kicks off this month in 11 cities: Brooklyn, Louisville, Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

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