[INTERVIEW] NOWADAYS Reveal Their Explosive Charm and How Their Dream Came True

How do you become CUBE Entertainment’s first boy group to debut in eight years? Practice, practice, practice, which is exactly what the freshly debuted five-piece boy group NOWADAYS did leading up to their April 2, 2024 debut with their self-titled album NOWADAYS and hard-hitting single, “OoWee.” In their recent interview with Kpopconcerts.com, the boys – HYEONBIN, YOON, YEONWOO, JINHYUK, AND SIYUN – discussed the work that went into their long-awaited debut, how they function as a team, what went into making this first EP, and more.

Their name combines “now,” which aims to inspire curiosity about the present, and “days,” which looks forward to the future and the memories to be created together with fans. Alongside their powerful name is their ambition to establish a new pop genre, DAYS-POP, that will grow with them. It lays its foundation in “OoWee,” whose soulful melody and hip-hop elements driven by an 808 bass groove underscore the boys as the Anti-Love Squad trying to catch the mischievous criminal Cupid. He spreads love (which is a sin) in the music video’s strange world. Only after Cupid hits them with his arrow do they fall in love and cry out the catchphrase, “OoWee,” do they accept love as a light in a dreary world.

Before their debut, the members of the fifth-generation group traveled long roads to be CUBE’s newest boy group, following in the footsteps of BTOB, Pentagon, and Beast. Hyeonbin may ring a bell for some as he appeared on Mnet’s idol survival program “Produce X 101,” while Yeonwoo had been a CUBE trainee for roughly six years. In preparation for their debut, the quintet practiced relentlessly and relied on each other for support. Two members, JINHYEOK and SIYUN, even penned lyrics for the hopeful pop song “Ticket” and the breakbeat/EDM hybrid title track “OoWee,” stamping their personalities on the boy group’s music from the get-go. 

Fans got a peek into their explosive personalities throughout the pre-debut promotions cycle, revealing driven, hardworking artists in teasers and loveable, adorable young men in the “Write about me NOW!” segments. Now let’s learn even more about the boys who made their mark on K-Pop this Spring of 2024 with their debut album, NOWADAYS.

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KPC: Congrats on your debut with your self-titled single album, NOWADAYS! How does it feel to have finally exploded into the music scene?

HYEONBIN: All of our members worked hard to prepare, so I’m really happy that we can finally debut and excited to be with our fans! 

YOON: I’m so happy to debut with such great members, and, just like we worked hard to prepare, we’ll do our best to show you our best performance! 

YEONWOO: I still can’t believe it. It’s a dream come true moment. I’m thrilled. We have been preparing for our debut for a long time and are ready to show different sides of ourselves! 

JINHYUK: I’m so happy as I have been waiting for this for a long time. We have been preparing for our debut for a long time.

SIYUN: It’s a day I have been dreaming of and looking forward to daily. I’m very nervous and excited at the same time. We want to quickly show NOWADAYS different charms to our fans all around the world! 

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KPC: JINHYUK and SIYUN, you co-wrote lyrics to two of the three tracks on your debut album, including the title track, “OoWee.” Have you always been interested in writing lyrics? How did it feel to pen the words for your debut?

JINHYUK: Since I was a trainee, I have been writing lyrics, composing songs, and practicing a lot with the music I produced. With this great opportunity, I’m really happy that I got to participate in lyric-making for our album and put in a lot of effort for better results.

SIYUN: Actually, all of our members are interested in writing lyrics and composing! When I heard that I would be participating in writing lyrics for our album, I was really grateful and happy.

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KPC: Your performance video for “NOW” took fans by storm with its hard-hitting choreography, fast footwork, and sharp lyrics. The movement synchronization is mirror-perfect. What kind of work went into such an edgy, high-energy, hard-hitting performance?

HYEONBIN: As this was our first performance released, we danced like our bodies would break to show our charisma! 

YOON: As the main dancer, YEONWOO coordinated the choreography well, and the members continued to work together until it was perfect. During our practice, our moves became synchronized!!

YEONWOO: We practiced repeatedly until our details were perfect. To improve our quality, we have repeatedly practiced every move. 

JINHYUK: We stayed late to practice and thought a lot about capturing the feeling of the song “NOW” and improving our performance for better quality. 

SIYUN: We think the point of the choreography was the step movements. We practiced hard to synchronize our movements to the exact beat! 

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KPC: We heard that you roamed the UK filming your video for NOWADAYS. What was it like filming there, and where else would you like to roam with your members?

HYEONBIN: Since my favorite artists are Ed Sheeran and The 1975, I wanted to visit the UK the most. It was great that I could go to the UK, but also, there are so many places that I haven’t been to in the UK, so I want to go again and visit even more places! 

YOON: It was my first time going to the UK. The scenery was so pretty, and everything was amazing. Next time, I want to film in the streets of Japan with our members. 

YEONWOO: The streets in the UK and Seven Sisters were really beautiful, making me feel like I was in a movie. I think the background, the scenery, and our members came together and created such a cool mood to film :). Next time, I want to visit any countries where our fans are! 

KPC: What are some of the most memorable and challenging moments from creating the album and shooting the music video? 

HYEONBIN: Since it was our first time filming a music video, it was amazing and cool to be on a music video set, and we were so happy to see what we had filmed.

YOON: I was very nervous and excited because it was my first time shooting a music video. I remember I got very emotional and cried with mixed emotions.

YEONWOO: Of course, music videos and other filming are great memories, but I remember doing Weverse Live, where we communicated with our fans for the first time. We were all happy and excited because it was our first time communicating and greeting fans in real-time. It was a moment where I wanted to see our fans as soon as possible. 

JINHYUK: During our first set of the music video, there were flowers everywhere, and I remember being in the middle, which was really pretty. 

SIYUN: During our trailer, there is a scene where I am on a wire. It was my first time doing wire action. I was scared at first, but as I did it, I felt like I was flying in the sky, so it became even more fun, and I enjoyed filming even more. 

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KPC: The bomb in your logo foreshadowed the group’s explosive charm. What is each member’s explosive charming point? 

HYEONBIN: My big eyes and positive mind! 

YOON: My cuteness, strong facial features, and a voice that want to hear over and over again. 

YEONWOO: My chubby cheeks and dimples! 

JINHYUK: My eyes that look like Xatu, and the difference between JINHYUK on and off stage. 

SIYUN: My sweet and cute personality is hidden behind my charisma. 

KPC: What can fans expect from NOWADAYS in 2024? What are your goals as a group and individually? 

HYEONBIN: Since the chemistry among our members is good, I think our fans will also enjoy it! 

YOON: I hope everybody will look at us as a Super Rookie!! Our performances and songs will bring comfort and all the feelings. We hope for our songs to be moving and comforting.

YEONWOO: We plan to show different sides of ourselves, so please look forward to it! 

JINHYUK: With our own color and style, we will show a lot of fun and relatable songs! Please look forward to it!! :)

SIYUN: We have worked hard and for a long time to show NOWADAYS unique color, style, and high-quality performances, so we will make various appearances on stage!!

KPC: Finally, do you have any special messages for kpopconcerts.com readers and your international fans? 

HYEONBIN: Finally, NOWADAYS is debuting! We ask for your love and support for our debut album and will continue to work harder to show new and various performances in the future!! 

YOON: NOWADAYS is a group that works really hard and does well, so we hope everyone can watch over us and give us a lot of support! Thank you, and love you guys! 

YEONWOO: NOWADAYS finally debuted on April 2nd!! Please look forward to and show your support and love for our debut album NOWADAYS and our title track ‘OoWee’!! 

JINHYUK: Hello to our fans and kpopconcerts viewers. We are NOWADAYS!! Thank you so much for your love and interest in our group. NOWADAYS will grow into an even better version of ourselves together in the future! Please listen to our title track ‘OoWee’ and please give a lot of support! Thank you! 

SIYUN: After a long time, NOWADAYS has finally debuted! Thank you to all the fans worldwide who have been waiting for and supporting us. NOWADAYS will show various charms in the future, so please look forward to us! Thank you!

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