New T-ara Promotional Video Edits Out Hwayoung

With the departure of Hwayoung and the bullying controversy that surrounded it, T-ara are not letting that stop their first Hong Kong showcase n Septemeber 18.

T-ara have pushed ahead releasing a promotional video message on YouTube.

Netizens have already begun to leave comments about the promotional video for the showcase. A previous Malaysia showcase video that was released with all the members in the same outfits as the Hong Kong showcase video show that Hwayoung was clearly edited out. Both videos which were seemingly shot at the same time show Hwayoung was standing on the far left of the group.

YouTube comments left include:
“The video is cut, you can see Hwayoung arm and bracelet standing next to Hyomin.
Removed Hwayoung, trust KKS to never miss a chance to make another PR blunder for T-ara.”

“Of course hwayoung would be cut off shes out of the group remember and this vid is obviously before the stupid scandal”

Positive comments were also left for the group supporting them in this showcase:
“I love T-ARA Fighting!!!”

“T-ARA Hwaiting!”


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