Hwayoung Opens Up About the Split From T-ara

T-ara have been with the controversy surrounding Hwayoung’s split from the group due to bullying claims.

On Twitter, Hwayoung opened up about the dispute between the members and herself over a difference in opinions, she expressed her aim to move on from T-ara.

Recently Eunjung was removed from drama “Five Fingers,” Hwayoung expressed her regret that the producers decided to remove her from the show. Hwayoung was also not happy about the made up stories by the media, adding fuel to the fire.

Hwayoung wished the other members every success with their future careers and apologised to fans for worrying them.

Core Entertainment tried to water down the claims of bullying when stories first broke. However the aftermath of the stories left T-ara in a series situation with many members facing a backlash from fans.


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