Audition Program contestants: Busker Busker, Baek Chung Kang, Heo Gak Tie 1st place in Music Charts

Singers who debuted from different audition programs are gaining popularity on the music charts in the same day.

On the 21st of June, the 3-member band Busker Busker had ended the promotion of their first album, with the song “If You Really Love Me”, and the song is confidently holding the 1st place in the real time music charts of music sites Melon and Bugs as of June.

The runner ups for the MNet audition program, “Superstar K3”, which aired last year, Busker Busker have showed consistency in being the charts with their songs, “It’s Hard to Face You”, “Neon sign” “Rain shower” and others being in the top 10 charts of different Music Charts.

At the same time, in MNet real-time chart, the winner of “Superstar K2” Heo Gak officially released his new song “One person” and reached the top spot.

Heo’s expressive vocal skills are not hard to notice in the song “One Person” which is included in the OST of KBS 2TV’s Mini Series “Big”, the song has gotten attention before its official release because listeners have already heard it from the drama.

The winner of the MBC audition Program “The Great Birth” also is holding on to the 1st place on Music Charts. The artist, who had released his first mini-album, and is the winner of “The Great Birth’s” Season 1, is Baek Chung Kang.

Early last year, Baek had gotten the 1st place in “The Great Birth”, and he had released his first mini-album this day with the title song “All Night” and is currently in the 1st spot of the Real-time Chart of Ole Music.

The other songs of Baek such as “Drunk on you” and “Raguyo” were on the top 10 of the real-time charts of Ole Music, proving that K-pop fans are giving much interest to his first mini-album.

While the participants of various Audition programs have been showing strength in different Music Chart sites, 2AM’s Jo Kwon had released his first solo album, and his title song “I’m the One” can be seen in the different charts, and has been threatening to take the spot of #1.

With the rise in the popularity of Audition programs that cater to aspiring musicians, different channels have given their respective audition shows. Those in the national channels are “The Great Birth” and “K-POP Star.” The first Audition program that was aired in Korea that had started this phase of Audition programs was “Super Star K” which was aired in MNet, and currently there have been the Korean versions of international audition programs such as “Korea’s Got Talent” and “Voice of Korea”.

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