New Boy Group to Debut Under YG Entertainment!

Today, “From YG” was once again updated. This time, he’s shedding some light on the rumored “new YG boy group”.

Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment revealed that there will actually be two new boy groups, not just one. As the groups haven’t got their official name yet, he uses “Group A” and “Group B” to differentiate between the two.

Group A
This will consist of five members, including Kang Seung Yoon of K Superstar, and Lee Seung-hoon of K-Pop Star. The average age for this group is 20 YG describes as Kang Seung Yoon to have so much talent, that he was “born to be a celebrity.”

Group B
Group B will be a 6 member boy group, and their average age is 17. Rapper B.I, who featured in MC Mong’s “Indian Boy” when he was just 13, has been assigned as the leader of the group. He has just recently turned 17.

YG explains how it’s not possible to debut two boy groups in the same period of time. To overcome this, he has created a show called WIN (Who Is Next). The viewers will watch the program, and will be able to vote for which group they like better. The group with the most votes will win, and will be given the official name “Winner”. This will be aired started from the second week of July, with one episode released each week for 10 weeks.

As Kang Seung Yoon is soon to debut as a soloist, he will be affected differently by the results of the program. If his group wins, he will continue solo activities and group activities. If his group loses, he will only continue with the solo activities.


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