MVP Finally Debut’s With “Take It”

After the long wait, the 7 member group under PH Entertainment finally debuts with their track “Take It”. Consisting of Kanghan, Rayoon, Been ,Sion, Gitaek, P.K, and Jin, these rookies are working with SubKulture Entertainment’s rookie promotion platform SUBK SQRD.


Their catchy debut song goes is an interesting take on the “glitch hip-hop” genre, which does wonders to showcase their incredible performance skills, showcasing their unique traits like martial arts, b-boying, and more. The powerful rap and vocals truly emphasize how they’re ready to be Korea’s “Most Valuable Player”.

Following their showcase on March 13, they plan to begin their formal music show promotions on broadcasts starting today, March 21st.

They have several official SNS accounts, including a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
Can’t wait to see if they can take the title of hottest new boygroup of 2017!

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