[RECAP] Hyuna in San Francisco

If you guys haven’t already heard of Hyuna, you need to stop reading and go onto YouTube right now to watch her music videos.

Debuting in 2009 with the girl group 4Minute, she instantly became a big success in South Korea. She followed it up with a solo debut “Change” as well as “Bubble Pop!” which are one of the highest viewed music videos on YouTube for a solo female artist. After being featured in “Gangnam Style” and forming the co-ed duet “Trouble Maker,” she has captured the title of being the K-Pop Queen.

Since 4Minute’s disbandment last year, she has decided to travel the world, and announced her American tour earlier in January.

Starting off the concert with a bang, Hyuna slams the Regency Ballroom with “Roll Deep,” the title track of her EP “A+”. Suddenly, halfway through the song, the audio gets cut off and so does the video playing in the background. Hyuna looks pretty nervous, as she laughs and shouts “The music has never cut off while I’ve been singing before“, while apologizing throughout the silence.

As cheers from the audience roar back, the music starts right back up and goes into the second set of “Ice Cream” and “French Kiss.” Hyuna’s fierce expressions and passionate lyrics flow out of her like she was born to be royalty, not letting the technical difficult unnerve her.

Before Set 3, Hyuna begins to play games with the audience. These games included going up on stage and having a dance off with other members chosen, or playing a guessing game of “How well do you know Hyuna?”.

Prior to her 3rd set, she talks about how the next couple of songs would be emotional, since they represents how she personal emotions, asking us to listen with our hearts.

Transitioning into Set 3, the familiar beats to “A Talk” and “U & Me” come out. I can’t help but dance to the EDM vibe that follows “U & Me,” which is why I don’t have any pictures for this section. Everything came out too blurry and I shook and sang along. Instead, here are some derpy-cute photos of her!

Announcing her last set, the audience cried out in sorrow, but all good things come to an end. She finishes off her concert with “Freaky” and “How’s This” before quickly disappearing off stage.

ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!” the audience shouted, desperately calling Hyuna back for one more song.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Hyuna concert with “Bubble Pop!,” so after a quick outfit change, she comes back out to sing and dance her heart out to the my favorite Hyuna song of all time.

In conclusion, I honestly had the time of my life at her SF stop of her tour. It’s clear she loves her fans, since she puts so much effort into interacting with the crowd, whether it’s a smile, wave, or even grabbing their phone for a selfie! In the end, I’m confident that everyone who attended became an A-ing (Hyuna’s personally chosen fanclub name) who will follow her throughout the rest of her solo career.

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