More photo’s of NU’EST released

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NU’EST have released additional solo photos of the final two members. After earlier this week releasing photo’s of three of the members of NU’EST including group leader, Baekho and Ren, have been released as the remaining two members.
Pledis Entertainment introduced their members with tag lines:

  • JR (stands for Junior Royal) as someone with “a powerful charisma behind a pure innocent boy,”
  • Ren as the “unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm ,”
  • Baekho the “sexy and masculine [man] with true loyalty,”
  • Minhyun as the “conservative man with sharp and intellectual charm”
  • Aron – “the romantic guy, ladies’ lover, Aron knows how to handle his smooth and natural charm.”

NU’EST are set to make their official debut this March.


JR - Group Leader

Source: pledisnuest


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