2PM’s Jun Su’s father passes away today

Sad news for 2PM’s Jun Su as he hears that his father has passed away, immediately after the other members of 2PM heard the news they travelled to Daegu where the mortuary was.

JYP Entertainment issued a statement on January 20, “Jun Su’s father passed away of myocardial infarction. We heard the news in this early morning, and 2PM members and their managers hurried off to Daegu.”

also adding, “Jun Su is taking a break now so he could be there for his father until he passed away. We feel sad because it happened suddenly.”

Jun Su is said to be overwhemled wwith grief, currently at his fathers side in a mortuary set up in one of the hospitals in Daegu.

“Hottests all around the world, pray for Junsu.”, tweeted Taec Yeon after hearing the news.

On January 21 the funeral cortege leaves, although the burial site is not scheduled yet.

Source: TV Report


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