Lee Hi’s ‘Secret Live’ is a success!

On May 12th, Lee Hi finally took to the stage solo and performed a total of 16 songs to 500 lucky fans in Sogang University’s Mary Hall. The mini concert, RE-HI, was completely free of charge, and the tickets were given out to winners of the competition which was organised by YG.

The concert was just a small style one, with a live band and although it’s nothing big and spectacular like you’d expect from label mates Big Bang and 2NE1, the audience did seem to enjoy it just as much, one fan even said “I actually liked being able to see her up close in a small area like that”.

Lee Hi is still a rookie, a monster rookie, but a rookie nonetheless, which means that she still has to grow as an artist, and this concert helped her do just that, this was a good opportunity for her to be with her fans, where she could first hand see the support she’s been getting, and at the same time perform songs which she has never performed on stage before such as Am I Strange, and Dream. All the songs she performed are from her album “First Love” part 1 and 2, with the additional songs Mercy, Whistle, Killing Me Softly With His Song and For You.

While Lee Hi was preparing for the mini concert, some netizens doubted her, saying she’s too inexperienced to be on the stage alone, and that she doesn’t have enough fans to pull it off, but although there was only 500 people in the small venue, the fans all actively joined in and had fun whist singing along and shouting out fanchants, proving that even if the concert is small, you can still have a good time!

Lee Hi has now wrapped up her promotions for her album, and will be taking a well earned break for her studies; we’ll look forward to her comeback!


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