2PM Release ‘GROWN’ Posters

2PM have unveiled six new posters for their ‘GROWN’ comeback.

The release of the posters was to celebrate the physical album. 2PM have followed the same concept as “Come Back When You Hear This Song” where the boys are standing on the roof of a building staring out into the lens.

The new album is special because Junho, Jun.K, Taecyeon and Chansung helped in the writing of the lyrics and composition of the tracks. 2PM’s new album shows how the boys have grown up into adults. JYP Entertainment said, “The album that was released on the 13th have their mature images like the title song. Please show a lot of love”.

2PM Grown Poster 6

2PM Grown Poster 5

2PM Grown Poster 4

2PM Grown Poster 3

2PM Grown Poster 2

2PM Grown Poster 1


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