La Materialista Talks About Plagiarizm Accusations!


As we all know, Dominican Republic singer La Materialista has recently released a new song, which sounded similar to 2NE1’s I Am The Best.

Blackjacks have been furiously Tweeting the singer and commenting on her YouTube accusing her of plagiarizing 2NE1’s song, with comments such as “Wow!!!! what a copycat” and “Obviously she wants to steal 2ne1’s song“.

Since the news about this had quickly spread, the singer sent out a few tweets clarifying that it was just a cover with her own lyrics. The tweets included:
“sorry I didn’t think you would feel bad for me it was an honor making a cover of the song with my lyrics because ♥”
“i am sorry but I am not the 1st artist and have over 60 songs composed by me”
“I have enough talent for others but I liked this one so I wanted to do it but I am not thinking about selling it”
“It seems like everyone here speaks Korean and can realize that my lyrics are an adaptation of the melody”
“My song #Chipi_Cha_Cha is an adaptation of a Korean melody but the lyrics are mine and it is the 1st time that I do it like others”

Regarding the third Tweet, she never did try to sell it and the track was up for a free download. We still have yet to wait for a statement from YG. Until then, do you believe her? Or is she trying to cover up?

For those who haven’t heard it, the song is here.


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  1. It could definitely just be a cover of a song she liked. The way she went about pushing the cover of her version of 2NE1’s song is the issue. Usually when people make a cover they state its a cover of a specific song they liked right from the beginning. It’s possible with the high attention on KPop it’s just a business move where bad publicity is better than none. I’m sure the fact that everyone focuses on the fact that she “plagiarized” the song is bringing her more attention than her talent would have.

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