Kpop Academy Student ~ Week 5 ~ Kpop Dance

Week 5 of the Kpop Academy focused on dance, where choreographer DanyDan Park and London dance team LoKo came to kcc to teach two Kpop dance’s; Big Bang’s ‘Fantastic baby’ and 2ne1’s ‘Clap your hands’. Team Loko girls taught Clap your hands, then DanyDan taught us his personal rendition of Fantastic baby, after being taught the routines step by step we were then split into groups 3 groups consisting of 10 member each and ask to perform both choreography’s adding our own flavor. Each team had a unique name and performed each song back resulting in my team (Team TOP) winning the challenge, in which we were then presented with a small prize.

We were then gien our weekly assignment which we had to choose from a list of tasks; A, B or C, where i choose A: Pick your Top 5 faourite Kpop dances.moves and present then in the form of a video.

Goodie bag “Team TOP” won

Top 5 Kpop dance

There are so many great Kpop dances  to choose from, I had such a hard time coming up with just five, I love dancing so I based my Top 5 on dances I really  like, but also that I as well as others are capable to do, so nothing too complicated.

5) T-ara-Bo Beep (2009)
I picked this because it’s a quick and easy dance you can watch once or twice and instantly pick up. I also think it’s one of the CUTEST Kpop dances out there and very easy to master.

4) 2ne1-Fire (2009)
2ne1 is my favourite girl band so I was biased to pick one of their dance covers for my Top 5, though this is not my favourite 2ne1 dances but one of my favourites in general and the most easiest to learn. The dance routine is so straight forward, consisting of just waving your hands from side to side, this dance is very simple but COOL.

3) Beast-Fiction (2011)
Known as the penguin dance, initially when I first saw the fiction footwork I couldn’t do it, but after taking the LoKo’s dance workshop back in January I realised its actually very simple. I really love this dance; i think its very SMOOTHE , one of my favourite Beasts routines to date.

2) HyunA Kim-Change (2010)
HyunA is a part of Girl group 4minute, who I also really like. I love this song because it’s got a good club beat and is very catchy, the dance though is very SEXY (not for the fella’s) and consists of alot of leg and hip thrusting.

1) Big Bang-Fantastic Baby (2012)

Probably the hardest dance of them all, and now my favorite Big Bang dance, I added this song because not only am I a biased Big Bang fan but we also were taught a rendition of this song by DanyDan Park at the Kpop Academy last Saturday 24th. I really enjoyed learning this dance; it has fast become one of my favourite songs and dances at the moment. One word to describe Big Bang and this dance; SWAG!!!!!

There were so many awesome dance routines that i also personally love but did not make it on to the list for numerous reasons, choosing 5 dance only was very hard and given the chance to add more the songs/dances below would have made the list….
~ Miss A – Breathe
~2NE1 – Try follow me
~ 4minute – I, My, Me, Mine
~ Super Junior – Sorry sorry
~ Shinee – Ring ding dong
amoung many other…
You can check out all these music videos on youtube^^

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