120330 Gikwang’s post in DAUM FANCAFE (gratitude for his birthday):

“World’s best B2UTY..
Today is my birthday.
All of the celebratory messages and loving hearts, I’ve received them all very very very well.
I saw all the letters and presents everyone sent me
I’ve also seen all the pictures and videos you made me.
I’m so so touched^^..


To all the people who cherish me and love me
Thank you so much..^^..
I don’t even know how to express this but..
Thank you are the only words that come out…
Thank you so much for taking care of me even though there are so many things I lack
Really today I am so happy
I receive love from this many people..
So many people think of me a lot ….
It’s a day where I can feel this again..
This large amount of love from so many people
I don’t even know if I can receive all of this yet.
This is what I felt receive so much love today so
I have been thinking that in return
I will work even harder starting tomorrow
I will smile more and more and think about everyone
I will work harder and harder to do more activities

Really thank you so so so so so much for
Sending me so much love.
This big love, big gift, big heart
I will become a Kikwang who works harder in return ^^
I thank everyone once again for sincerely
Celebrating my birthday
Our B2UTY… . .
World’s best B2UTY … . .
I am so happy because of our B2UTY^ ^
I feel like I’m flying in the sky ^—————^hehehe
I am so so happy today
Because of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I think I’m going crazy…because I’m so happy…..

You know my heart right..?
Everyone….seriously..because of everyone
Because of the world’s best B2UTYs
It feels like I’ve become the world’s best too
Today at this moment..^-^

Thank you so so much
Seriously you guys are my everything.
I love you
Sleep well everyone ^-^


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