K-pop makes another comeback in London as Flash mob is held in Trafalgar Square

It’s been a hectic few months for K-pop in London as it hit the Thames festival at the Korea Calling event (which drew in thousands of fans) and also being published in The Guardian and The Evening Standard spreading the news of K-pop all over London! Now fans in London more than ever are trying their best to make it known that K-pop is wanted.

Many K-pop Flash mobs are held but most turn into ‘fan gatherings’ and dont make much of an impact, but this Flash mob was one that got London K-poppers screaming…Literally. SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) came to film the event, and also gave out signed SNSD, Super Junior and Secret albums, along with signed Super Junior Posters to the Best and Most enthusiastic dancers at the event!

It was an event that more than anything drew in K-poppers and even random tourists dancing along and filming the event! This post will be updated hastily with the SBS broadcast.

Click on the Link below for Miss A Goodbye Baby performance by the fans!


Hello! My name is Deanna! I'm Seventeen years old and I speak level 2 Korean :) I'm a College student and dance teacher at the London K-pop Dance Workshop in London (and a dancer in general) ^-^

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