First K-Pop Concert at the London Korean Film Festival

Earlier today, the Korean Cultural Centre UK stated that SHINee will perform at the Odeon, West End London on 3rd November at 16:30.


To celebrate the 6th year of the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) organised by the Korean Cultural Centre, SHINee will hold a mini concert on the night of the opening gala before the screening of the “War of the Arrow”.


The 5 members of SHINee will also attend the screening of the “War of the Arrow”, which will open the London Korean Film Festival of 2011 with the film Director Kim Han Min.


On 19th October, Cube Entertainment announced that the United Cube Concert will take place in London on 6th December. Although the Korean press announced that Cube will be the first to perform in the UK, SHINee will perform a month before the artists from Cube, making the first K-pop concert in the UK actually by SHINee.


Last June, when SHINee came to the UK to commemorate their Japanese debut at Abbey Road Studios, hundreds of British fans came to show their support.


The tickets will cost £20, £30 and they will be available from the Odeon website.


For more information, visit the official LKFF website:


  1. I’m glad SHINee are coming to London, but why oh why did they give us so short notice? All of the skint university students like me, are quite upset about this. Many of us are going to a very big event this Sat, and so going to London again on Thursday may not be able to become a possibility. Oh SHINee, we do love you. We’re just quite poor at the moment.

  2. Damnit… I’m going to a big event in London on the Saturday (Distant Worlds), so have already booked my train tickets and hotel and such… I wish they’d have give us more notice about this so I could have organised everything and gone to this!

  3. Why short notice? We LOVE you SHINee and I’ve been waiting all my life for a chance to see you in London, but ON THE 3RD?! MY BIG TEST?! My life is despairing…..

  4. Oh my god. I envy london fans. Everything happen in london, well it the capital of england? Why dont you guys come and perform in manchester? Eh? Go and make a mini concert! I definetly come! Pleaseeee GOODLUCK TO FAN WHO GOING. But apparently taemin wont be there as i view on the odeon website it mention onew, jonghyun, minho and key? or did they missed the name by accident?

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