Junhyung to make his debut as a solo artist

Junhyung from Beast will be making his debut with “Living Without You”. Despite the preparation that Beast are doing for their World Tour, due to start on Feb 4 in Seoul, Junhyung will try his hands at solo work. Beast recently released their digital single, “I Knew It”, a ballad that shows off Beast’s vocal talent.

Cube Entertainment revealed today that Junhyung would debut as a solo artist but would still be with the group preparing for the World Tour. Junhyung in the past has already written and co-composed some of Beast’s songs.

His solo track is due to be released on February 3 at midnight which has got fans all over the world waiting for. His debut song is expected to be a heartfelt song with a strong hip-hop background focussing on Junhyung’s rapping talent.

Beast will be starting their “Beautiful Show” tour concert in Seoul this week as part of their world tour.

Source: Newsen


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