B.A.P vs Block B Show-down


Two hot boy bands released new songs and MVs this week, B.A.P debuted with ‘Warrior‘ and Block B returned with ‘Nanrina’.

Since both boy bands received so much love with their song we thought we’d have a show down to see which one cames out on top.

The groups will be compared on 6 different elements of their song and MVs which are:
[ad#GA-468-tx-Minaz] 1) The swagger

Which group do you think has more swagger in their MV? B.A.P with their aggressive dance and lyrics or Block B with their trouble maker characters and impressive close-ups.

2) The stomp

Both leaders – B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk and Block B’s Zico- have a scene where they stomp in the video before their climax dance sequence. Which one do you think is more powerful and cool?

3) The dance

Both groups had very memorable dances in the video, B.A.P’s was aggressive and Block B’s was cool..which one do you think is more impressive in the MV?

4) The Sing-a-long

Both groups incooperated English in their song however which one do you think is better to sing a long to? B.A.P’s digidigidum digidigidum~ who and get down get down bow wow wow wow~~ or Block B’s I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know but im on on~ you know what you know what you know what I mean mean~~

5)The Fashion

B.A.P started out the music video wearing all black outfits and ended up wearing Punky jackets with studs and spray paint whereas Block B were wearing chic black clothes and inco-operated cool studded jackets and bling accerssories. Which one do you think was cooler?

and finally..

6) The MV

This one is the biggie because this is the overall feel of the MV from the story to the background. Which concept do you like more?? B.A.P’s aggressive underground style (very similar to 2ne1) or Block B’s troublemaker rooftop dancing version?

Incase you haven’t watched the videos yet check them out below,

B.A.P ‘Warrior

Block B’s ‘Nanrina’

Vote for your favourite in the comments section below to crown the group with Song/MV of the month (MVOTM)!!




Minzi is a Kpop News and K-Drama editor on kpopconcerts as well as co-creator of K-pop podcast K-Obsession.

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT ! I am totally in love with their TOP like low voice manly raps and their GD like counter-rapping. I know this comment probably will not make any sense but yeh. I’m talking about BAP (rice) ofcourse. I’ve never been into Block B but i like the song you posted (goo goo ga ga? I don’t know but their hard …hard…). You say BAP are similar to 2ne1 but I disagree, i think they stand on their own. Either way, Block B is easier for us english speakers to sing a long to, but i see BAP going further…maybe

    1. I didn’t actually mean that they were similar to 2ne1 as a band I meant clothes wise…like this fashion was similar to 2ne1’s I am the best and Hate you…I totally agree with the fact that they can stand on their own and the Top/GD mix love!!!! hehe

  2. I’m going back and forth between these two groups since they’re both pretty AWESOME, even though I don’t normally care much for rookie/rookie-ish groups!

    1)The Swagger
    Both groups have tons and I can’t decide between the powerful/manly swag of B.A.P and attitude of Block B. If I compare the swag between the two leaders, I’m gonna go with B.A.P since I’m slightly biased by BYG’s deep voice :p!

    2)The Stomp
    Zico – since his stomp is accompanied by ripples of wave.

    3) The Dance
    I slightly prefer the choreography of B.A.P’s.

    4)The Sing-a-long
    I find Block B sounds catchier.

    5)The Fashion
    B.A.P- Both groups seem to have great fashion sense and pulled off quite well. But B.A.P has memorable bunny logo/theme!

    6)The MV
    It’s a tie for me. I can’t decide, I thought I prefer B.A.P when I’m watching it’s MV but I have the same thought when I watch Block B’s MV. Going back and forth :(.

  3. It’s a tie for me, I like both groups, B.A.P. and Block B are both awesome, unique in their own way. B.A.P. is a rookie group and I am really impressed, I am sure they will receive lots of love and Block B have the experience and unique style. Sorry can’t decide.

  4. BAP… BAP… get down… get down… <3
    Maybe I am totally biased… I love mister Bang Yong Gook and Zelo for some time.
    Bang and Zelo Never Give up and Bang Yong Gook work with YoSeob had me wanting this.

    Block B is awesome and I liked the video… but I found BAP dance and music more interesting this time.

  5. 1) I think in terms of swagger Block B has it more, there is something about them that is so underground and dangerous, also I see B.A.P as still babies, and to be honest the blondeness of all of them doesn’t help xD it makes them look so young :3

    2) There is generally a lot of stomping in Warrior, Bang Yong Gook’s stomp is surrounded by a bunch of stomps in the dance break so it is just drowned out in a pool of stompynesss. So I prefer Zico’s stomp :3 Its is more powerful and stands out

    3) Ok, I have got to give this to B.A.P. In terms of memorability Block B has the crown *coughGorillaDancecough* . However B.A.P have awesome dance moves, and seriously that puppet dance move when they sing ‘get down’ ~ love love love it xD <3 B.A.P are some seriously talented kids!

    4) I love the lyrics in Warrior, but to be honest I dont sing to it much ..I wish I could do Zelo's rap but lets face it…thats impossible =_= and there is no way I can go as low as Bang Yong Guk. I find Block B's a lot more catchy :)) ~ I prefer singing to Block B's ^^ <3

    5) I think B.A.P's fashion is something you see a lot these days in K-Pop :/ Sort of 2NE1-esque xD Not saying they copied =_= cos I hate when people say that..just reminds me of them :) ~ I like how Block B are a bit more casual with a bit of flair ~ I prefer their style more ^^ Also they make all of B.A.P look the same =_= to be honest I cant tell them apart except for Bang Yong Guk and Zelo ..Dont kill me D;

    6) OMG Its impossible to choose! IMPOSSIBLE! xDDD I LOVE THEM BOTH <3

    They are both amazing ~ I prefer Block B's by a landslide, but I have to admit B.A.P's debut was the best I have seen in Kpop :D <3 They have such an amazing song and even though I personally think the style and concept has been worn out by other groups, they give it a fresh flavor ~~ ;DD I could go on forever about Block B, I just think they are one of the unique groups that have come along in a long time ^^ I know they appeal to a wider foreign audience, and I think that is what will get them far. I am excited to see where they go in the future, and I am interested to see what B.A.P pulls out of the hat next :)) <3
    Block B wins for me \^0^/ <3

    1. i’m feeling happy while reading your comment! :D
      actually yes, i ship block b much since i’m bbc, but i also adore b.a.p (badly) and amazed by their fantastic.. debut. <3
      block b is swagger! xD b.a.p is full of power. <3

      i like warrior (and power) with the hardcore music and cool mv–i even often listen to it and try to follow the dance choreos; but block b's songs (nalina especially) are easy to follow and sing along with. :D

      b.a.p clothing style reminds you of 2NE1?
      as bj i just realized about it xD

      love both! Block B and B.A.P jjang! <3

  6. These two videos are my first Kpop videos I have seen, and they are quite interesting. Massive similarities with western pop i.e. a catchy beat. How many boy bands are there??!!!

    That said the videos and the songs were very well made. Block Bs song was better and catchier but the music video for BAP was better. But Block Bs song stays in my head!!

    Excellent article keep up the good work! :)

  7. ok, i definitely will choose B.A.P BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT
    i only love the senior(old) boy/girl band Especially love BigBang untill now. Now’days there r a lot of new girl/boy band arise, but none of’em catch my heart. Till i saw BYG n Zelo in NGU. it got my attention a lilbit. And finally B.A.P came and yeah…. this is a new group that really take my heart. Warrior!! from head to toe, it’s perfect, powerfull dance, rokies, harsh expression. They are different. More over, they appeared in billboard just after 2 weeks of their debut!!!

    not longer after i finding B.A.P i saw Block-B
    Aha! this group is awesome too!! but still B.A.P is more powerfull. i dunno, but i love all songs of B.A.P. while block-b? i just love Narina.

    i’d say that Narina is more “Hip Hop” than warrior, but warrior is more “Rock”. From dance choreography i’d choose Warrior!! just look at the stomping dance! it’s true powerfull than Narina zico’s stomping. “Wave”? it’s just comp effect. if you see B.A.P when they practice the dance u’ll see how hard and how powerful their stomping.

    and also the dance of warrior has the same aim with the lyrics, (maybe you should watch tadah it’s B.A.P ep 4 heheh)

    i’m in love with both of’em. No matter how i love Narina-Block-B, but B.A.P just cant be replaced.

    i’m really Brave to say this cus i dont hate Block-B or even have a willing to hate’em. I just say what in my head. In my eyes now B.A.P is the way better than any one els. you may call me biased or deviant, haha that’s right cuz i’m a Mania Goddess (slape XP)

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