Girls Generation continue their conquest of the U.S.

After a successful debut on “Late Night Show with David Letterman” and “LIVE! With Kelly” performing “The Boys” on both shows, Girls Generation have moved onto doing an interview with USA Today. The kpop girl group have a short interview to the paper on February 1st.

Taking the lead on the interview Jessica Jung said, “It’s our first time releasing an album and performing on live TV in America. It’s actually a dream come true because most the girls wanted to come perform”.

She admitted that the group spend a lot of time together because of their hectic schedule, “We practically do everything together. We have commercials, photoshoots, the schedule never ends. We’re on the plane together. We’re together 24/7.”

When the interviewer asks the girls, “Do you ever fight?”, it was greeted with, “Of course.” in a joking way.

After the hectic schedule of the past couple of days, the girls let their hair down at a New York club.


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