Hwayoung Visits Other Agencies With Sister Hyoyoung

Hwayoung T-ara

Korean media is reporting that newly ex-T-ara member Hwayoung and sister Hyoyoung have been paying visits to various other agencies on August 1.

After a meeting with Core Contents Media president Kim Kwang Soo, the pair headed off to meet with Maru Entertainment on July 31.

Details of the conversations have not been released to the media understandably. It is possible that the meetings that took place were to mediate the current controversy surrounding her exit from T-ara.

Hwayoung’s last message on Twitter, ”Please stop now“, apparently wanting an end to the current dispute.

CCM president Kim Kwang Soo made an official statement declaring that the current dispute between the two parties have been resolved. He also mentioned that Hwayoung has expired her desire to put this matter behind her and persue her own music career.

There is no answer at the moment as to whether Hwayoung will re-join T-ara.

Source + Image: Osen


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