HAON Releases New Single “Over You”

HAON is back with a new single, “Over You.” It is an R&B ballad that aims to reveal HAON’s evolution, both personally and artistically, with his raw emotions and ability to connect through music. 

“As the release of my new single approaches this week, I find myself caught in a whirlwind of emotions. It’s a significant moment, marking four years since my last solo venture. The anticipation is palpable—I am both excited and anxious for my fans to experience this latest work. This single signifies a notable evolution in my musical journey. While it ventures into new stylistic territories, it remains true to my core ethos of crafting raw and deeply personal narratives through music. My commitment to exploring diverse styles and genres remains undiminished, infusing each with my unique creative twist.The passage of time has been a profound influence. Just as I have grown and evolved, so too have the stories I tell in my music. They have matured, reflecting the nuances of my journey. The timing of this release feels like a stroke of serendipity. This ballad is a perfect accompaniment to the winter season, a harmonious blend of melody and emotion. Accompanying the track is a cinematic music video, a project that brought immense joy and creativity to my artistic process.I eagerly await the moment everyone can immerse themselves in this track. My hope is that it resonates with listeners as profoundly as it does with me.”


“Over You” is the prologue to HAON’s full-length album that is currently in the works. With this upcoming album, fans can anticipate a multifaceted collection of tracks and HAON’s creative output. 

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