[RECAP] Purple Kiss Ignites Denver with Dazzling ‘2023 The FESTA Tour in USA’ Performance

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On November 20, rising girl group Purple Kiss graced the stage in Denver for an unforgettable performance as part of their 2023 The FESTA Tour in USA to promote their new single album, FESTA. Fans, called Plory, adorned in Purple Kiss merch and light sticks, lined up early at the venue in anticipation. Some fans passed out freebies they had made prior to the event to the crowd, cultivating a positive and affectionate atmosphere in the venue. 

The FESTA tour is a significant milestone for Purple Kiss to connect with their US fans and showcase their talent on the American stage. Just debuting in 2020 and releasing their first EP, Into Violet in 2021, the group has already advanced in their career and gripped audiences with their catchy sounds and lively performances. “Becoming a global group has always been our goal, and we are thrilled to be touring in the United States!” Goeun shared with Kpopconcerts.com. “We’re both excited and a little nervous to finally meet PLORY, whom we’ve only seen through videos. We’ve put a lot of effort into preparing for this tour, so we hope everyone enjoys it together with us!” 

As each member entered the stage and emerged from the shadows, Purple Kiss opened with a haunting rendition of their songIntro: Bye Bye Bully,” which gripped the audience from the first note. Transitioning into the funky beats of “Nerdy” and the upbeat rhythms of Pretty Psycho,”  their energetic stage presence consumed the crowd.

Cr. Dakota S.

Dosie, speaking to Kpopconcerts.com, emphasized the group’s composition for their US fans, stating, “Firstly, we’ve prepared English versions of our performances for our fans in the United States, and we’ve practiced hard to showcase our energy even more!” This reiterates Purple Kiss’ commitment to their fans, demonstrating their determination to resonate with them to create a memorable experience. During the performance, the group masterfully performed a range of tracks including English versions of “7Heaven,” “Zombie,” “Sweet Juice,” and more. Each performance was a unique experience that was special for Plory.  

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Unfortunately, the sixth member Yuki was not in attendance for the Denver show. Prior to the tour, RBW Entertainment announced that Yuki would be absent “due to her activities with EL7Z+UP.” Denver Plory missed Yuki’s presence but were supportive of her endeavors. Goeun, Dosie, Irehi, Chaein, and Swan however took time between stages to express their gratitude, share short stories, and reiterate their love for their fans. The members also took a moment halfway through the show for Q&A. Plory had written out questions on sticky notes for Purple Kiss members before the show, and questions ranged from simple questions like “What’s your favorite animal?” to more philosophical questions like “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” This specific question sparked a huge debate amongst the members as well as Plory. Most members claimed they think the egg came first whereas Swan was the only one to say “chicken.” The crowd was divided on answers when the members asked for a vote, but the members all concluded that no one would ever know and that the question was too big to debate. Small moments like this truly helped the crowd connect with Purple Kiss members on more of a personal level. 

As a special treat, the members also performed covers of popular US pop songs. Ireh and Chen performed We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth and Sway by Michael Buble while  Dosie, Swan, and Goeun performed Light Switch also by Charlie Puth along with “Rain on Me by Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. These different styles of songs gave the members additional opportunities to showcase the range of their vocal talents leaving Plory even more impressed.

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The highlight of the evening was the encore, where Purple Kiss returned to the stage in tour shirts accessorized with fun hats and headpieces for a grand finale of their fan-favorite songs Skip Skip” and “Twinkle.” The crowd cheered with excitement as the group’s passionate performance left Denver Plory emotional as the night reached its high and came to an end. With the final curtain call, Purple Kiss thanked fans yet again and waved goodbye, leaving Denver eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

Cr. Dakota S.

Purple Kiss’ talent and passion created an energetic atmosphere and a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. Incorporating VIP events, fun crowd interactions, and special hi-touch and selfie events, Purple Kiss truly made Plory feel special. “As a team, I hope we can continue to be tight-knit, just as we are now, and become a globally recognized group that’s sincerely committed to performing on stage,” Chaein told Kpopconcerts.com “Even though [our] languages are different, music transcends those barriers, so I believe it’ll be possible with our hard work.” Chaein’s statement perfectly sums up the group’s vision that resonated with Plory throughout the night in Denver.

Purple Kiss doesn’t have many stops left on their 2023 US tour, but be sure to follow along with them on socials and catch them on their next tour!


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