After 4 Years, VIXX Returns With 5th Mini Album CONTINUUM

After 4 years, VIXX returns with their 5th mini-album, CONTINUUM. Using the overarching theme of ‘continuity,’ the album conveys each member’s both personal and musical growth, which in turn leads to the group’s overall growth. It also showcases VIXX’s resilience as musicians, with the members participating in each step of its making. The songs are filled with love and gratitude for their fans, STARLIGHT, who have waited long and patiently for their return, as well as excitement to be back on stage together. 

“Hello, this is VIXX, back with our mini-album [CONTINUUM]! We wanted to give our thanks to the countless STARLIGHT who have been waiting for us to return as the group VIXX for 4 years of only being able to meet via individual activities and digital singles. Through this album, we were able to look back on each of our own paths, as well as the path we’ve walked as VIXX, so please give it lots of love and attention!” 

– LEO, on behalf of all of the members of VIXX 

The album includes five new songs. The title track, “Amnesia,” has an R&B-based sound and showcases each member’s individual charms and core identities as the group VIXX. The song “If You Come Tonight” contains lyrics written by LEO. It is a song about how much VIXX treasures STARLIGHT and how they hope to always remember the happy moments they share. The other tracks included on the album are “Chemical” (lyrics by LEO), “라일락 (LILAC)” (lyrics and composition by HYUK), and “SAVAGE.” 

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