Fake Psy Tricks His Way into Monaco Grand Prix

David Hasselhoff-psy fake
Psy lookalike, Denis Carré, has tricked his way into yet another A-lister event just days after he worked his way into some A-list events in Cannes over the weekend.

The fake Psy seemed to have dupe some big names including Amanda Holden and David Hasselhoff, who both took pictures with Carré. The pictures were then uploaded onto their celebrity Twitter accounts.

Amanda Holden tweeted with the pictures, ‘Not sure if this guy is kosher?! Rumours circulating he was a fake? What do YOU think?!’.

The Hoff, however, was more convinced that it wasn’t the real Psy tweeting, ‘Was that really PSY ? I think not!!’.

Amanda Holden- Psy Fake


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