[RECAP] Kim Jang Hoon’s ‘Miracle Tour 2013’ in NYC

Miracle Tour 2013

Kim Jang Hoon, a popular South Korean rock-ballad singer, has began touring throughout the United States. Kim Jang Hoon has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a foundation dedicated to finding the cure for Breast Cancer. One hundred percent of the proceeds are being donated to charities.

The concert in Hammerstein Ballroom NYC, was absolutely phenomenal from start to finish. The concert started out full of laughter as Kim Jang Hoon displayed humorous messages, such as “What’s Kim Jang Hoon’s age? No one will ever know. But he does look like he’s in his twenties ;D) on a screen. It was also very nice to have the messages translated into English.

Kim Jang Hoon came out with a bang, full of life and energy, making the audience sing, and jump up and down with happiness. The popular singer cracked jokes throughout the whole three hour concert, such as playing only the introduction to songs on guitar and then saying “Only intro! That’s all I know” and joking about forgetting parts of a song.

Kim Jang Hoon was also very generous and donated over 40,000 USD to the colleges N.Y.U. (New York University) and F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology). Kim Jang Hoon also gave encore performances and bowed to every angle of the Hammerstein Ballroom, showing his pure heart and how genuinely thankful he was. It was a performance one could never forget. It is also a concert that truly inspires many! I have felt the effects of the concert even 24 hours later. Kim Jang Hoon is a truly honorable man that I would love to see again.

Check out highlights of the performance in the video below!

Written by: Natalie Johnson & Patricia Johnson



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