ELF (Everlasting friends) turned 6!

ELF is the official fan club of Super Junior. Yesterday, June 2, 2012, made ELFs across the world remember promising one thing that they will support and protect the boys no matter what.

Yesterday on Twitter, #6YearsWithELF trended number 1 worldwide. The fans greeted each other and tweeted their happiest ELF memories. I, myself is an ELF. I started loving Kpop being one and it’s was a wonderful feeling to see other fans like this, loving and caring for each other. Maybe because Super Junior themselves have those characters. Like Idol, like fans!

Being one of the best Idol group in the world, Super Junior gave us a very nice anniversary gift, the Super Junior’s 6th album. So, let’s all happily wait for the 6jib and Happy 6th Anniversary ELFs!!! FIGHTING!


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