Big Bang’s Extraordinary 20’s Spot Video

Shinbundang Line Gangnam Station

Yesterday, to celebrate the release of the Special Edition Album “Still Alive”. YG opened a BIG BANG GATE in Shinbundang Line in Gangnam station, where in you could find the props used by the members in the music video of MONSTER and other related stuff. On a clear 45-inch LCD screen, the much awaited Music Video was viewed as well as the spot video for the making of “Extraordinary 20’s” photobook.

Last May, 09, 2012, YG made a notice on their site about Big Bang making their very first Photobook and a DVD of its “Making”. It’s entitled “Extraordinary 20’s” and it will be released on June 6, 2012, together with their Album ‘Still Alive”.

The PhotoBook and DVD will be featuring some of the Big Bang moments from last year’s trip to England. The concept for the said collection would be “Special People’s Normal Life” and it will have a special close-up book, mini polaroid stand and a serial number that will serve as a link to the making video and the special interviews.

Now, here’s the spot video from the “Extraordinary 20’s” Photo Book Making Video.

SOURCE: photo by, YG Entertainment


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