Kim Kyu Jong To Enlist In The Army

A recent announcement from B2M Entertainment revealed that former SS501 member, Kim Kyu Jong, would be beginning his two year long military service this July.


Before he proceeds into the army, Kim Kyu Jong will go through a one month training period to prepare for his service. In contrast to other entertainers who tend to postpone their military service for as long as they can, Kim decided to complete his duties before it became a problem for him. His agency revealed, “Kim Kyu Jong was born in 1987, so he could postpone military service in order to focus on his career. But he thought it would be best to get it out of the way before he starts on the second chapter of his life.”

As well as the announcement from his agency, he also revealed the news of his enlistment through a letter he wrote for his fans:

“Hello, this is Kyu Jong. This might sound cliche but time passes by quickly, right? I feel like I debuted yesterday but it’s already June 2012. Are you guys all carrying out the plans you made?! It’s still not too late so think again about the plans you made and carry through with it.

The reason why I am writing a letter to you after such a long time is because of my planned enlistment in the coming July. I wanted to tell the news to my fans myself. I’m so happy thanks to all the love and support of my beautiful fans. Because of you, I am spending my 20s in happiness. Like I always say, I want to give back as much as I receive, and I want to give my beautiful fans good memories. Please promise that we will meet each other in a better state two years from now. Please, please, please.

I am excited for the time I will have with you guys on June 3rd. Let’s meet then. Let’s keep our happy times as a good memory. As our time together now will be left as beautiful memories, let’s continue to make beautiful memories together. Thank you. I’m happy.”

What you think about his early enlistment?






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  1. He is very brave. I hope he comes back safe and sound. We are proud of him. He put his country before himself.

  2. I think Kyu Jong has made the right decision. If he fulfils his mandatory military service now, he would only be 27 years old (western age) when he is discharged; then he can start as Kyu Jong calls it, his next chapter in life while he is still in his twenties. Very smart move. Lots of fans, including non Triple S are helping Kyu Jong ‘s Yesterday get 1 million views. Kyu Jong is getting tons of love from all over the world. Kyu Jong, we will wait, and love you. Do make a big come back in 2 years, better and stronger. Love Ya.

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