Dance Competition!

[ad#GA-468-img-natmj] is proud to present our first ever K-Pop Dance Competition with our Sponsor! Show us your best moves and we’ll give you a prize. The prize consists of a lifetime subscription to our sponsor dance tutorial videos.

To enter you must follow these steps:

1. Like the facebook page!

2. Post your dance cover of ANY K-Pop Dance to youtube. In the title be sure to include “ Dance Competition” as well as the title of the song you are dancing to. It must be the full length of the dance. Half of the dance is not accepted.

3. Submit the link of your video to:



post the link of your video in the comments below! You will need to be a member and make sure the email address you have input is valid and one that you check often. If no contact with the winner can be made, another winner will be decided! The deadline for the entries is June 30th, 2012 3AM EST. No late entries will be accepted.

Entries are welcome from any country!

Good luck to everyone! And be passionate in your dance!




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