DBSK Reunite 5 Members to Release “Momentum”

On October 15th, a dance practise video of DBSK’s new song “Momentum” was released on Youtube, and has gone viral already.
The video only featured U-Know and Changmin, accompanied by their backup dancers, but Cassie’s worldwide noticed the voices of JYJ on the track, too.

Posts on Facebook and Twitter show that fans think “Maximum” may have originally been produced while DBSK still had all 5 members, with the dance practice video looking like it had been rehearsed a while back. Its possible that U-Know and Changmin will have to re-record “Momentum” as a reunion at this point seems almost impossible with all the controversy from the lawsuit.

Cassies have expressed their joy and left comments around social networking sites like “OMG, I’m crying!“, “I can hear Junsu and Jae Joong’s voices so clearly!“, and “This is an epic day for Cassiopeia!“.

Despite the joy from some fans, others have commented at how hard the DBSK duo have worked, only to be pulled back by all this speculation. “TVXQ worked so hard to make this song theirs, yet people still say the full group version is better” and Now 2 is enough and the BEST“ also seem to be popular opinions.

Here’s the dance practice video. Can you hear all 5 members? Let us know what you think!


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  1. Oh my god I just about had a heart attack. I was like when was this gonna happen then I looked at the article date and was like “oh ok. old article” lol

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