Im Jae Bum Accepts Lee Hong Ki as a Son

Im Jae Bum, as most of you probably know, had disappeared during the MBC broadcast of “Saddle in the Wind”, but everything seems to be coming together just as Lee Hong Ki is starring as a guest on the show. He is set to perform with Im Jae Bum for 5 days. The two went fishing together, and after an awkward appearence together, Im Jae Bum had accepted Lee Hong Ki as a son.

Jae Bum: “How old are you?”
Hong Ki: “I’m twenty so you are thirty eight years older than I am”
Jae Bum: (Burst out) “Am I sixty?”
-Hong Ki got nervous and corrected himself-
Hong Ki: “You are twenty eight years older than I am”
Jae Bum: “I’m almost your dad’s age”

Jae Bum then started taking care of Hong Ki as if he were a son. Members of Saddle in the Wind performed at UC Berkely. Take a look at their performance!



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