Rain’s First Letter from the Army

Rain, 29-year-old singer/actor, wrote his first letter to his younger sister, Jung Hannah, after going to the army.

On the 15th, she wrote on her homepage that what he said in the letter. She started crying when she read the letter, which said “dear my beloved sister”… “Be careful, always keep the door locked, be careful at night and be careful of the car”… “I’m doing well so don’t worry”. She also laughed when she read “please wash Baekgu well”.

Jung Hannah added “when I saw the picture (of Rain) yesterday, I felt better, but now I’m even less worried. He fits in well anywhere and he has strong will and he does well at anything. So, to all of Rain’s fans, my brother’s doing fine so don’t worry so much.”

The neitizens of Korea replied, “I’m so jealous”, “He’s doing well even in the army”, “It’s very cold at the moment, please take care”, “I’m glad he’s doing well”.

He joined the army on 11th October, he plans to finish his service on 10th July 2013.

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