Busker Busker Set to Release Second Album Later This Month

Busker Busker
Busker Busker have announced a comeback set for September 25 with a new album.

The three boys have been playing about with a rumoured comeback but revealing no actual date for when it could be. Chungchun Music, Busker Busker’s agency, revealed the news through their official Twitter account saying, ““Hello. It’s Chung Chun Music We are sharing the news of Busker Busker’s 2nd full-length album. Busker Busker’s 2nd full-length album will be released online and offline on September 25 Busker Busker’s 2nd story begins on one autumn night. We ask for your love and support.”

The offline and online release of their second studio album will be on September 25.

Busker Busker are also holding a concert in Busan on October 3 called “2013 Busker Busker Concert”.


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