Producer and DJ Duo Rphabet Release Grungy “Black Suit” MV

Rphabet - Black Suit 3


Producer and DJ Duo Rphabet officially made their debut under their new label, Woolim Entertainment, with the release of their “Black Suit” music video!

Rphabet’s BEE and Mr. Rupin enlisted the help of rapper San-E to be featured on their debut hip-hop track.  “Black Suit” grabs fans’ attention with the heavy bass, addictive beat, and smooth rapping.   The music video gives off a grunge-esque vibe with the heavy use of visual effects that turns the black-and-white video into an artistic visual playground.

While this is the group’s debut track, Rphabet is no stranger to the K-pop industry.  The duo have produced songs for K-Pop groups Miss AM.I.B., and Toxic.  The duo were also the masterminds behind Infinite‘s “Destiny” and Tasty‘s “You Know Me“, now their Woollim label-mates.

Check out the music video below!

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