BTOB Peniel’s Worst Chat Up Lines


It’s a day some may see as a day for being ‘Forever Alone’. It’s a day some may see as a day for spending time alone with your loved ones. Regardless of what you see it for, Valentine’s Day is here! BTOB’s Peniel recently uploaded the 2nd installment to his series of vlogs which started in December. This time, it’s about the chat up lines he thinks are the worst! Watch the vlog below:


In this vlog, Peniel shares the chat up lines he thinks should never be used, and acts out each line being used, as well as the consequences. Assisting Peniel in acting each scenario is bandmate Sungjae!

The duo are able to act out each scenario in a hilarious manner.

For each vlog, Peniel also gives a song recommendation, which for this episode is ‘Next to You’, by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

Can you think of anymore chat up lines that shouldn’t be used?




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