JYJ Sends Valentines Message To Fans


With the coming of Valentines Day, JYJ celebrated the day with their fans through a video, with each member hilariously showcasing their skills whilst communicating their special Valentines messages. Watch the message with English subtitles below:


The first member to appear is Junsu! He steals the hearts of fans, if they weren’t already stolen, with his perfect vocals, singing in the characters of Mozart, Joon, and Tod, all of who he acted in the role of from the musicals Mozart, Tears of Heaven, and Elisabeth respectively.

The second member to express his Valentines message is Yoochun! Yoochun gives several messages in the character of Lee Sunjoon, Lee Gak, and Han Jungwoo, who he acts as in the dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince, and Missing You respectively. Towards the end of the message, bandmate Jaejoong also comically adds “I want to kill you” in the old dialect used frequently in historical dramas (sageuk), in response to Yoochun’s awkward but cute messages.

The last member to give his messages is Jaejoong! Following Yoochun’s suit, Jaejoong gives his messages in the characters of Cha Muwon, and Kim Kyungtak,  in Protect the Boss, and Time Slip Dr. Jin respectively.

To conclude the video, the 3 members come together and continue to cause laughter, as Junsu asks Jaejoong in sing-song, “Oh, Kim Kyungtak, have you received any chocolate?” To which, Jaejoong responds hilariously in sageuk. Junsu then asks Yoochun, who, as a king, arrogantly responds with “Can’t you shut that foul mouth of yours?” From this, the musical ‘Rooftop Kyungtak-zabeth’ is born, and only Jaejoong is barely able to keep a straight face.




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