Bora Reveals Hyorin’s Ideal Type of Men on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Bora reveals Hyorin’s ideal type of men on ‘Beatles Code 2′

On the February 25th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, both members of Sistar19 and Clazziquai made a guest appearance.

SISTAR‘s Hyorin was taken aback when group member Bora disclose her ideal type.

In this episode, Bora discussed about Hyorin’s ideal type of men and said, “Hyorin likes guys who are masculine with plenty of muscles.

MC Jang Dong Min teased Hyorin by stating that he have a lot of muscles in his cheekbone, and requested Hyorin to be his girlfriend for the day causing laughter.

Besides that, Bora also disclosed about her huge mole on the left side of her ear.

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