Park Si-hoo Keeps Stalling Over Rape Charge

Actor Park Si-hoo, who has been charged with raping a rising idol has once again not appear for questioning by police. He had been summoned at 7 p.m. on Sunday.

“At around 6 p.m., an hour before he was supposed to be present, Park’s lawyer notify us that he wouldn’t show up after all,” a police spokesman said.

Park also hired a new lawyer on Sunday, who told the police that the actor now would like the investigation to be handled by the precinct that has jurisdiction over the trendy Cheongdam-dong area of southern Seoul, the place where he drank with the suspected victim drank are situated.

The investigation is currently being conducted by police in western Seoul, which has jurisdiction over the accuser’s home. The precinct refuses and calls upon Park again for questioning this week.

Meanwhile, another actor who only wants to be known by his surname Kim, who introduced Park to his accuser on the night of the suspected rape has also been charged with raping the woman. Kim was due to report to police on Sunday night but was nowhere to be seen.

Police said on Friday they are investigating whether Park spiked the woman’s drink at the bar where they first met, since in the CCTV recording, she suddenly fell unconscious after leaving the bar. Police gathered the samples of her blood and urine and passed to the National Forensic Service.

Before this, the woman said to the police that she passed put and only recognized she had been raped after she regained consciousness. She said she felt that she became high in such a short duration.

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