Block B Pulled From Three Music Shows

Block B have been said to have been pulled from music shows this week.

The decision to pull the band was made after the Thailand interview controversy surrounding Block B. Their name was found to be missing from February 24th’s ‘Music Bank’, 25th’s ‘Music Core’, and 26th’s ‘Inkigayo’.

Staff members on one of the music shows stated, “Although it’s not to the point of banning their appearances, until the situation is resolved, Block B’s appearance will be restricted.”

There has been no official statement as to why Block B have been left off the schedule for this weeks music shows, speculation is that the agency behind Block B is waiting for the situation to calm down.

Most Block B fans have stuck by the group and supporting their appearances, flooding the ‘Inkigayo’s request bulletin with their posts.

Their last performance was on ‘M! Countdown’ on February 23rd, but Mnet are currently evaluating the current situation will decide whether or not Block B will be on ‘M! Countdown’ next week.

Source : Osen


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