[Beauty product review] Missha M Shimmer Blending Ball Blusher (No.2 Peach Glow)


Brand: Missha M

MISSHA stands for Miss, Sexy, Healthy and Active;  qualities of a young women that are also symbolized by the Missha love flower logo.

Product name: Shimmer Blending Ball Blusher (No.2 Peach Glow)

Product type: Blusher

Volume: 30g

Description: Baked type ball blusher for your elegant and glowing look. With Bake Technology for 12 hours, it applies lightly on the skin with high adherence and five elegant colours with soft pearls lighten up your face.

Main ingredients: Mineral powder and pearl powder make natural rosy cheeks. Flower Complex containing 11 kinds of flower extracts protects skin from oxidation and relaxes skin.

Made in: Korea

Price: £28

Directions for use: Lightly blend the colours with encased brush and apply it from the ear towards the cheekbones in a diagonal line or circle.

Editor`s Comments: I absolutely adore this product! Easy to apply, fun to use and beautifully cased this product comes complete with a very soft miniature application brush and compact mirror. The blusher brush and mirror are both separately encased, which is fantastic as it ensures that the blusher does not get everywhere. The greatest thing about this product is that it gives you a radiating glow and smells absolutely amazing. Although this product is slightly bigger than your average blusher container and has a high price point, it definitely would not stop me from buying it or taking it everywhere with me. Definitely one of my favourite products I have in my collection! Highly recommended!

This product also comes in 2 other shades No.1 Pink Glow and No.3 Pastel Glow.

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