[Beauty product review] Skin79 Smart Clear Moisture Cleansing Foam


Brand: Skin79

Skin79 embraces nature and science, ensuring that all its products are suitable for all skin types. Through continued research and innovation, Skin79 constantly improves and develops newer and better skincare formulas that adapt to an increasingly modern lifestyle.

Product name: Eco Mild Clean Smart Clear Moisture Cleansing Foam

Product type: Cleanser

Volume: 100ml

Description: Eco Mild Clean effect to regulate the ideal balance for skin that remains healthy skin. The special cleansing line completely purifies unnecessary wastes and harmful environmental factors with a formula containing natural ingredients keeping skin balance. Soft and creamy foam gently wraps around the skin to sleekly cleanse away all make up residues while also helping to maintain skin`s moisture oil balance for skin that is shining and moist.

Main ingredients: Berrycyanin, made with berry ingredients such as Elderberry, Aroniaberry and Acaiberry controls the balance of skin prone to having that balance broken while also protecting the skin from the harmful environment for healthy, lively skin.

Pumpkin Enzyme evens out roughened skin to help maintain clear skin while the patented ingredient Levan extract helps form a protective barrier so that skin is left soft without tightness after cleansing.

Made in: Korea

Price: £8.00

Directions for use: Use a small amount on the palm of your hand to form ample foam, gently massage face with it to cleanse, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Editor`s Comments: This product is great and does exactly what it says on the box, it leaves your skin feeling extremely fresh and clean after use. The foam is light and fluffy and feels very soft against your face, all you need is a pea size drop which is enough to clean your whole face. Although the cleanser has a high price point,the good thing about this product is that it should last you a very long time, providing you keep to the recommended guideline of using a pea sized drop; which is ample. The 100ml tube comes parcelled in a rectangular pastel green box, which is very simple just like the product and emphasizes the fresh cool feeling you are left with after using the foam.

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