[Beauty product review] Etude House Skin [mal:gem] Moisture Care Freshener


Brand: Etude House

Established in 1995, Korean brand Etude House develops high quality skincare and cosmetic products at affordable prices. Created with young women in mind, the brand offers a wide colour palette and whimsical packaging that call to the young girl’s sweet and romantic nature. Etude House is widely available in Asia.

Product name: Skin [mal:gem] Moisture Care Freshener

Product type: Toner

Volume: 250ml/ 8.45 fl. oz

Description: [Mal:gem]- The Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgeum hypo-allergenic toners promote clean, clear and pure complexion with moisturising and pore cleansing formulas.

Main ingredients: Contains Hyaluronic Acid, which plays an important role in our skin’s ability to stay youthful. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally present in the skin. It plays a fundamental role in maintaining its integrity. But it`s quantity gradually diminishes with age, leading to the appearance of wrinkles and a slackening of skin tissue. This highly moisturising toner also contains pore control properties which minimizes their appearance. Soft, clear and clean skin is easily achieved with this multi-functional toner.

Made in: Korea

Price: £22

Directions for use: Dispense solution onto toner pad and use pad to wipe all areas of face and neck.

Editor`s Comments: This is a great product which leaves your skin feeling very soft, clean and fresh after use. It smells great and is very soothing to the skin. Although the directions for use state that you should dispense the solution onto a toner pad, you can also use your palms to gently pat your face  as demonstrated by Dara in the Etude House CF below.

CF: Dara for Etude House

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