BEAST(비스트), formally known as B2ST, is a 6 piece Korean boy band that debuted in 2009. Since their debut they are risen in popularity significantly and gained a large fan base that spans the globe. So much so that they’re coming to the UK in December 2011.
Since debut they’re released 5 mini albums and one full length, the most recent being Fiction and Fact which was received well and ranked high on music charts and even won first place on music shows like Music Bank. They’ve even debuted in Japan and been had a positive reception with ‘Shock’ and ‘Bad Girl’

The group has also appeared on a variety of TV shows, they even had their own MTV show whilst they were debuting, not unlike other debuting groups. Individual members have even in appeared in Korean drama’s, such as Kikwang in My Princess and Doojoon in All My Love, which starred a few other idols too.

Their name, BEAST, means Boys of East Standing Tall, and their previous name, still in common use, B2ST, is an acronym for Boys 2 Search for Top

Member Profiles


Full Name – Yoon Doo Joon 윤두준
Date of Birth – July 4th 1989, age 22
Position – Leader, Lead vocalist, Lead rapper.
Height – 180cm
Blood Type – A
Specialty – Vocal/Rap/Football
Hobbies – Playing football, playing games, listening to RnB and Hip Hop.


Full Name – Jang Hyun Seung 장현승
Date of Birth – September 3rd 1989, age 22
Position – Lead vocalist, Lead dancer.
Height – 176cm
Blood Type – B
Specialty – Beat Box
Hobbies – Bowling and surfing the internet.


Full Name – Yong Jae Sun 용재순
Date of Birth – December 19th 1989, age 21
Position – Main rapper.
Height – 179cm
Blood Type – O
Specialty – Dance
Hobbies – Watching movies, dancing and writing lyrics.


Full Name – Yang Yo Seob 양요섭
Date of Birth – January 5th 1990, age 21
Position – Main vocalist.
Height – 174cm
Blood Type – B
Specialty – Beat Box
Hobbies – Writing lyrics.


Full Name – Lee Gi Kwang 이기광
Date of Birth – March 20th 1991, age 21
Position – Main dancer.
Height – 174cm
Blood Type – A
Specialty – Dance
Hobbies – Sports, dancing, watching movies.


Full Name – Son Dong Woon 손동운
Date of Birth – June 6th 1991, age 20
Position – Maknae, vocalist.
Height – 181cm
Blood Type – A
Specialty – Traditional Chinese and piano.
Hobbies – Reading and lyric writing.


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