53 yr old man responsible for nude photos of Girls Generation caught

Korean media reported last week that SM Entertainment had ordered an investigation into nude photo’s of Girls’ Generation that had been spread around. The agency said that they would be taking legal action against whoever was behind the creation of the photoshopped images. The reported today that they had caught the person responsible for the images.

The police have detained a man in his 50’s for distribution of the photos. The age of the man has surprised many people, but the biggest surprise was yet to come as it was revealed that the man was a government employee in Yeonsugu, Incheon.

Person ‘A’ as the media is reporting his as, is being charged with uploading the edited images. He reportedly made the images using Girls Generation photos dressed in hanbok.

‘A’ admitted to uploading the photos but claims that he did not create the photos in December 2011. The police stated, “He stated that the photos were not created by him, and all he did was upload them on the [internet] cafe site.”

Source: Money Today


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