Queenz Eye Sings of Their ‘UNI-Q’ Approach to Love

After nine months since the release of their debut single, QUEENZ TABLE, rookie girl group Queenz Eye is back and ready to captivate listeners with their second single album, UNI-Q.

While their debut track “Yummy Yummy” oozed confidence in the form of bold, brassy instrumentals, their latest album’s title track “UN-NORMAL” is quite the opposite. Fusing rhythmical beats and soft synths, the song boasts a toned-down, hip-hop/R&B vibe about the members’ unconventional and unique approach to love, “But I don’t want to talk about childish things like destiny / I want to be by your side.” The song is a refreshing, groovy release perfect for anyone’s easy-listening summer playlists.

The summer vibes continue with the second track, “Domino.” The tropical house song expresses the bliss of a cool, summer night in Queenz Eye’s own unique style.

Queenz Eye’s comeback showcases not only the members’ growth but also their determination to carve out their own distinct identity in the competitive K-Pop industry. Check out the “UN-NORMAL” music video and stream UNI-Q on Spotify, below!

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