pH-1 Faces His Inner Demons in “MR. BAD” Single

Screenshot from “MR. BAD” music video

On August 9, H1GHR MUSIC’s pH-1 released his latest digital single, “MR. BAD.” Boasting a simple yet sophisticated beat produced by SUMIN, the grungy hip-hop track unveils a darker, melancholic side to pH-1 as he strays from the bright lights and embraces the darkness within himself. 

In “MR. BAD,” pH-1 (also known as Harry Park) tackles the demons and temptations he has confronted throughout his career despite being regarded as the vibrant nice guy.  Whether it be parties, alcohol, or just friends, the Korean American rapper was inspired by his experience of how being bad can feel good. “Stick by my side like a couple in love / We’ll probably forget this tomorrow / Doing all the wrong things, MR. BAD.” The digital single also summons the “dark prince of Korean hip-hop,” Woo Won-Jae. Having worked together in the past for Woo’s songs “HATE YOU” and “Uniform,” the AOMG rapper added rhythmic verses that touch on impaired judgment due to alcohol, “Tequila shots got my vision blurry, my friend had to stop me Huh / A person drunk from alcohol is just a two-legged dog / I’m usually a nice guy, but today I’m out of my mind I’m bad.” 

Screenshot from “MR. BAD” music video

The accompanying music video captures the highs and lows of a wild warehouse party in South Korea. Upon entering the party and stepping on stage, pH-1 is immediately immersed in the crowd’s hyped energy. The night progresses, the party gets wilder, and he succumbs to the chaos as he raps “Doin bad bad things but it feels so good,” in the middle of a moshpit of partygoers. Through quick camera cuts between the party scenes and a lone and injured pH-1 lying on the ground, the video captures the essence of the consequences of his actions. While he claims he is aware that he’s hanging with the wrong crowd, pH-1 sees it as just one of life’s moments to appreciate – carpe diem.  

Known for making music under the keywords of “truth, positivity, and experience,” pH-1 has always kept it real with his music. Where there is light, there must be shadows and pH-1 does not shy away from them in “MR. BAD.” Check out the music video below and stream the song on Spotify.

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  1. I love pH-1💕! His music and MVs are always so deep and meaningful. I’m always finding myself relating to his lyrics.

    Thank you so much for writing and sharing this piece. Love your writing pieces as always. 💕

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