[RECAP] AOMG Brings Back The Heat at “Above Ordinary” Concert in LA

Los Angeles has seen its fair share of Korean hip-hop shows, but none do it quite like AOMG. From taking over the Belasco Theater in 2014 and the Wiltern in 2016, to returning to the Belasco Theater for a sold out performance in 2019, the hip-hop and R&B label always ensures that concertgoers are left thinking, “There ain’t no party like an AOMG party.” 

After nearly two years since their last tour, AOMG brought the heat back to the States for their 2022 “Above Ordinary” U.S. Tour. Presented by KOHAI and AOMG, the tour took Woo, Coogie, Sogumm, DeVita, and DJ Wegun across nine other cities before making their way to the Vermont Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA. While DJ Wegun, Woo, and DeVita are no strangers to AOMG tours, this tour marked Sogumm and Coogie’s show debut since signing with the label. The eclectic lineup offered a balance of rhythmic bops, slow jams, and even fan service!

DJ Wegun performing at 2022 Above Ordinary Concert in Los Angeles
Cr. Ericka P.

DJ Wegun warmed up the crowd with a mix of AOMG’s hottest tracks. The return of the AOMG party anthem “Mommae” turned up the heat while Lee Hi’s “Lipstick” got everyone grooving and swaying along in the crowd. The diverse mix captured the essence of Korean hip-hop and R&B spanning across various eras to cater to both longtime veteran fans and newer fans.

Bare footed and bathed in a haunting green glow, Sogumm sauntered onstage and captivated the audience with “The Person From Yesterday” followed by “Prescription,” a low-fi ode to love being the cure-all in times of crisis. The songstress first debuted on the music scene as part of the multilingual, multinational collective Balming Tiger. In 2019, she placed first on AOMG’s hip-hop audition program, Sign Here, and became the second female solo artist to sign to the label. Using her unique vocal tone and relatable lyrics, she assembles experimental soundscapes that are often seen as unorthodox in nature, yet highlight her vivid storytelling in her songs. The audience was fully immersed in her set as she finished off with her hypnotic tunes “Do I Have Your Love” and “My Time Is Gold.”

DeVita performing at 2022 Above Ordinary concert in Los Angeles
Cr. Ericka P.

Next to take the stage was DeVita. Born in Seoul and raised in Chicago, the R&B songstress first released her music on SoundCloud before participating on the audition program K-Pop Star and performing at Kollaboration Chicago. After landing collaborations with artists such as Woo, DeVita signed with AOMG in 2020 and has been etching out her musical identity ever since. DeVita made her charismatic entrance with her debut song, “Evita!” Sporting low rise baggy jeans and a green tank top, DeVita twirled and grooved along to the funky 80s’-esque synths and beats before moving onto her unreleased song, “Naughty.” Her set then transitioned into songs “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Cheese in The Trap” from her latest EP, American Gothic. Inspired by the iconic American film, “Bonnie & Clyde” put the crowd in their feels as they swayed along and passionately sang their hearts out to the sultry R&B track.

From the moment Coogie stepped foot on stage, he had the crowd wrapped around his glove-clad finger. The rapper gained recognition for his charismatic performances on Show Me The Money 777 where he clinched a spot in the Top 12. While he may be new to the label, his reputation precedes him. Greeted by the rowdy crowd chanting his name, Coogie began his set with a mashup of “Jangjeon” and “Set Go.” The rhythmic beats were bangers and transformed the concert venue into a club as fans bopped their heads, danced, and swayed along to the music. In the middle of his explosive performance, he grabbed phones, took photos/videos, and even went as far as jumping off the stage to stand on the barricade and become one with the crowd. He closed off his set with his #1 most streamed song on Spotify and his latest track from his RE:UP EP –  “Good Night.” As he sang the chorus, Coogie couldn’t hide his large grin as the audience sang along to his melodic rap verses word for word. 

The final act of the night was Woo (formerly known as Woo Won Jae). The last time he was in LA, he was the 2019 Above Ordinary tour’s opening act as the newest signed artist to the AOMG label. With a larger discography under his belt and an accumulated fan following, Woo stepped onstage at the Vermont Hollywood as its closing act. Before his set began, the stage went dark as the droning synths and militaristic percussions of “Blackout” began to play through the speakers. The lights strobed across the stage as Woo’s static vocals reverberated throughout the venue, building heightened anticipation for the rapper’s upcoming performance. As soon as the opening tune of “R.I.P” began, the stage was suddenly shrouded in red and Woo launched himself onto the stage. It became his domain and he led the crowd through a series of hit tracks such as “Job, “Devil,” and “Used To.” Known for his honest, personal, and introspective lyrics, Woo knew the power of his words as he calmly and assertively delivered his rap verses.

The encore closed off the night in true AOMG fashion. DJ Wegun, DeVita, Sogumm, Coogie, and their team joined Woo onstage for “119 Remix” and Team AOMG’s “니가 알던 내가 아냐 (Who You?)” from Show Me The Money 5. The latter even featured a melodic rap performed by DeVita herself. Hyping up the crowd with their group synergy and the hip-hop tracks’ explosive verses, the crew went around onstage, rapping into people’s phones, taking selfies, and even signing a few memorabilia brought by their fans. The exhilarating show invited good vibes, explosive energy, and nonstop bangers to make it a night that no one would ever forget.


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