It’s LALISA’s World and We’re Just Living In It

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently released her highly anticipated debut single LALISA to celebrate her success and acknowledge her Thai roots. The single album consists of two songs “LALISA” and “MONEY,” as well as two instrumental versions. In an interview with Billboard, Lisa recently revealed her decision to legally change her birth name after a fortune teller advised her it would bring her good luck. Originally Pranpriya Manoban, which roughly translates to “beloved soul,” the artist changed her name to Lalisa “the one who is praised.” The official switch declared the manifestation of her future and the impact she would have on not only the industry, but the world.

In an interview with Vogue she expressed, “I wanted to show you who I am through my first single and solo album. The title song ‘LALISA,’ is also my real name, and it’s full of confidence. I’ve often said to Blinks [Blackpink fans], ‘Always be confident,’ and I wanted to deliver this message through this record. Both the title song and the B-track, ‘MONEY,’ are songs that I really enjoy dancing and rapping to myself.” She also took the time to mention that the songs she chose never felt like a choice. From the moment she first listened to them with producer Teddy Park, she already felt like they belonged to her.

“LALISA” displays the idol’s ability to be a triple threat with singing, rapping, and dancing at an incredibly high intensity. The track offers heavy hip-hop influences while incorporating an intricate melody that infuses a dominant upbeat rhythm with traditional Thai music. Composed by Bekuh BOOM, 24, R. Tee, Vince, and Teddy Park, the song featured an intense provocative bass combined with powerful lyrics that idolize her name. In a polished, professional manner that displays the artist’s ability to rise to the top, she recalls her journey through both hardships and successes through a confident and stylized rap.

In the first week of the release, the album had already sold an impressive 736,000 copies, claiming the number one spot in the weekly album sales charts and topping the iTunes “Top Songs” chart in at least 60 different regions. In the accompanying music video, which racked up an impressive 100 million views in three days, Lisa showcases the dominant personality she’s known for. By displaying a variety of different talents in a number of settings from pole dancing to riding dune buggies, she creates a larger than life persona to illustrate the scale of her impact on the industry. The video’s focal point shed light on her Thai roots. Lisa emerges in traditional headwear and embellished jewels to proudly demonstrate the strong woman she has become and the woman she’ll always be.

“LALISA” provides a humble homage to her home of Thailand visually and lyrically by rapping “From Thailand to Korea, and now here, went for the throat / Being the greatest of all time ain’t fantasy.” Although performing as a soloist, she doesn’t forget to acknowledge her backbone and reason for fame, BLACKPINK. With lines such as “When it gets dark, the light shines pink” and “Jet black and pink crown belongs to we,” “LALISA” pays tribute and brings attention to the fact that she wouldn’t have obtained the status she carries today if it weren’t for the idol group.

The track’s refrain demands attention by declaring her name as being “the loudest in the room.” She wants fans to know that although she will never forget where she came from, she stands ready to receive attention as a deserving individual artist.

The official B-side track, “MONEY” exudes the rapper’s well-known, chill, laid-back energy while offering an almost conversational, braggadocio rap about the money in her bank account and how much she enjoys spending it. Like “LALISA,” the track’s melody picks up in the latter half to provide dimension. The “cool-girl” attitude that the chorus provides with “I came here to drop some money, dropping all my money” exudes a very empowering and indestructible feeling. Lisa recently released an exclusive performance video for the track. She and her background dancers perform confident, assertive choreography while in front of a giant billboard that states “Money is a terrible master, but an excellent servant.” She emphasizes the role money plays in her life and how she no longer is ruled by money, but now uses money to rule.

“LALISA” marks the beginning of what is expected to be a colossal solo career for BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Beating out Drake to clinch the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s “Rap Chart,” Lisa becomes the first Thai artist from a South Korean label to top the chart.  In addition, Music Bank awarded her first place making her the first foreign solo artist to win the title. Her mature and experienced persona gives her the cutting edge to only gain more traction from here. Her solo debut gave fans the opportunity to see an authentic side of the idol and a glimpse of the type of music she personally enjoys creating. For such a global superstar, the future holds infinite possibilities and potential.

Make sure to stream “LALISA” on all streaming platforms and watch the music video below!


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