AB6IX Holds Nothing Back With MO’ COMPLETE

Despite debuting just over two years ago, AB6IX, made up of Lee Daehwi, Jeon Woong, Kim DongHyun, and Park Woojin, have released their second full-length album MO’ COMPLETE. This sophomore comeback, under the company BRANDNEW MUSIC, acts as an ending chapter in a 2-episode series that began with the 5-track EP, MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM, released in April of this year. MO’ COMPLETE transpires as the group’s third comeback of 2021 following the EPs SALUTE: A NEW HOPE released in January and MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM. AB6IX has consistently released EPs and singles, but MO’ COMPLETE marks as the group’s first full album since 6IXENSE back in 2019. “It’s been a while since we’ve put out a full album, so we made sure to show the best of us. Hope you are ready for it,” mentioned member Woojin.

We want to make a statement as a group through this album, and want it to be remembered as a project that is full of AB6IX’s scent.”

– AB6IX’s Daehwi

From the title of the track alone, the word “complete” shows the group’s desire to put everything they have out in the open without holding anything back. The 10-track album constitutes the evolution and amelioration of AB6IX since their debut back in May of 2019. They want to let the world know that they stand ready to take their place in the spotlight and acquire what it takes to be a leading group in the industry. Member Daehwi spoke on the goal of the album stating, “We want to make a statement as a group through this album, and want it to be remembered as a project that is full of AB6IX’s scent.”

Concept photo for AB6IX's second full-length album MO' COMPLETE

Just as they have with their previous releases, all of the members of this “self-producing” group participated in the producing and writing processes for each of the tracks on the album. The title track “Cherry” embodies AB6IX’s exuberant energy that displays a vibrant ensemble from start to finish. Daehwi, who recently produced the final track for PRODUCE 101 JAPAN, collaborated with Woojin to create this upbeat pop track full of high-spirited melodies and hard hitting raps. The track narrates the overwhelming explosion of emotions felt when falling in love with another.

SHOWDOWN” kicks off the album, serving up heavy synths and beats while seamlessly transitioning between shifts and tones. Although providing a more hip-hop sound, the track flawlessly implements a vocal heavy ensemble combined with cool raps to get across the message that they are willing to do whatever it takes to prove themselves. Lyrical lines such as, “I don’t care until the wall collapses / I don’t care about wounds / I don’t want to quit / I wake up the wild star I’ve been hiding / Till I reach to the top / Filled with my desires, I can’t stop,” explains the extent of which the group will go to prevail. They show that both emotional and physical pain means nothing to them if it means they are able to achieve what they have been working so hard for. The weight of the track lyrically combined with the intense, rhythmic beat creates an intense emotion of inspiration and desire for fulfillment.

LEVEL UP” follows with a playful, upbeat melody that rings as a novelty in the AB6IX discography. The track showcases a new musical side that ABNEW (AB6IX’s fandom name) has yet to see before, creating more depth in their ability to produce a variety of different genres and sounds. A funky rhythm combined with the lyrics “Even if the overwhelming moments swirl over me / Sometimes I feel like I’m losing and I been falling down / Hold on and throw away all your worries, go go / Tomorrow, the sun will rise, so don’t worry,” shows fans that despite at times being face to face with the feeling of being knocked down during their journey, nothing can stop them from working hard to “level up” and reach their full potential.

The title track “Cherry” comes in hot as being potentially their most cheerful and brightest promoted single to date. The upbeat track full of disco confections provides high volume energy from the first note. Effusive rhythm guitar, celebratory brass, and bright synths create a retro-inspired sound that amps up serotonin levels. Accompanied by a lighthearted, yet lively music video, AB6IX displays their charm as they narrate the story of their personal growth through love. An electrifying love song, the group compares their love interest and motivation behind their growth as a “cherry.” The music video begins with the members giving off a very schoolboy feel, acting timid and shy towards the camera. As the story progresses, they are seen becoming more confident, changing their clothes from neutral tones to more vibrant choices to display that they are no longer hesitant in love or in life. Symbolic cherries can be seen through the video to represent their internal confidence. At the start they are sporadically placed throughout the scenes, but spew out of the boys by the end of the video.

Latin-pop influenced “DOWN FOR YOU” provides a more sensual feel both melodically and lyrically. Creating a sexy vibe, the group calls out expressing deep attraction and allure for someone. They explain their almost desperation for acceptance and permission to pursue as they continually ask “I’m into you / so do you like me?”. The track adds to the dimension of the album as it differentiates from their usual sound, switching up the flow and keeping fans guessing their next move. The intensity of emotion becomes apparent with lines such as, “I’m dying no matter what / For your love give it to me,” explaining that emotional death awaits regardless of the outcome. Reciprocated love will result in an overload of passion and unrequited feelings will both lead towards figurative emotional death as both options would be too much to handle.

Next up on the track list, “DO YOU REMEMBER” resembles AB6IX’s more well-known style and sound. The breathtaking fusion of smooth vocals and a forceful rap delivery forms intense emotion and feeling to create a gentle sound.

Transitioning from a lighter, fluid sound, “STAY WITH ME” rolls in with a synth heavy, EDM style ensemble. Lyrics such as “Even if it’s a dream that’s about to wake up / I don’t want to miss you anymore / Don’t ever disappear from me / In my world that is only dark / You’re the only light I can’t live without you,” address the overwhelming feeling of longing for another and the fear of them vanishing in the blink of an eye.

BELIEVE” offers a brighter, summer vibe. Flawless harmonization blends with fresh rapping to create a lighthearted melody that cushions the message of needing to trust each other in a rigid, malicious world. They discuss the urgency to take opportunities that arise in front of them and the importance of having each other’s backs in a world and industry that feeds on the weak. With “I’m constantly being pushed back, this is a maze / I can’t stay like this for the rest of my life / Hold my hand and pull it vigorously / Stand up,” AB6IX proves their loyalty by choosing to pick each other up when being knocked down by the obstacles that keep them from their goals.

OFF THE RECORD” provides a creative mix of both EDM synths, rhythmic R&B sounds, and power vocals in the bridge. The interesting mix of genres within the song creates a unique track that adds to the diversity and depth of the album. Lyrically the track offers relatable lyrics about an undefined relationship that constantly keeps them guessing. Always questioning, AB6IX asks “off the record” questions in order to dissect their own feelings without being too confrontational or assertive with their love interest.

SIMPLE LOVER” rushes in hot with intense house beats. Another track that adds variety to the album, the group explains their disinterest in the petty games that are played in love. They plead that approaching love should not require calculations like math. They desire a simple love where emotions and feelings can be expressed freely and in a pure, authentic way without fear of judgment or repercussion. The creative decision to produce this song with an upbeat melody creates a perfect balance to alleviate the more serious message with a dance rhythm.

3”” rounds out the album with a twinkly, vocal heavy sound to disclose a mutual hesitancy in pursuing someone. AB6IX uses the phrase “1, 2, 3” to nudge not only their significant other, but themselves to leap into the unknown and take a chance. The track narrates the desire to find out what lies on the other side of the “what if,” but being blocked by the both awkward and exciting feelings when approaching an uncertain future of potential possibilities and outcomes.

MO’ COMPLETE’s discography shows a variety of different sounds and genres, both new and familiar to AB6IX. The album showcases their growth not only as a group, but individually as well. The group displayed their own talents to demonstrate their confidence and development as artists. A perfect balance of vocals, rap, and charm, AB6IX proves they deserve to be in the limelight.

Make sure to stream MO’ COMPLETE on all streaming platforms and check out the MV for “Cherry” below!

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